The Green Hornet dealing with asians.

After hearing about all of these bad reviews and negativity coming from it, after finally watching it myself I found it to be quite a breath of fresh air and actually enjoyable. Its definitely not the greatest film and could have been better but I feel most people were taking it more seriously than the film took itself.

Jay Chou who was Kato is talked about a lot on this forum and I am personally a fan of his. In my opinion I think he shines the most out of the film besides from the black beauty. But what stood out the most for me and what many fail to mention when it comes to race is that this is one of the first or few films where the asian race is held up or never downplayed.

1. There are many homages and references to bruce lee (drawings, too fast for tv, one inch punch)

2. Jay Chou “the asian guy” ALWAYS saves Rogan “the white guy” and is never bailed out by him. They dont underplay that Kato does everything and is pretty much the brains which I find is very respectable.

3. We see Jay Chou (kato) making moves on Cameron Diaz and is one of the love interests which usually doesnt happen in a hollywood flick.

4. Jay Chou has about the same amount of lines and screen time as Seth Rogan unlike other hollywood asian films like Ninja Assassin where Bi Rain barely talks.

5. They casted an artist from asia rather than settling for someone from the U.S

So overall, I found that this film should at least deserve credit for doing that where other films have failed to uphold its racial issues like Avatar, dragonball z, etc. So to be honest, I thought Rogan was kind of a moron but I have a new found respect for him and this film made me proud to be asian and gave me hope for films like this in the future in hollywood.

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